Meet The Pap Corps’ Board of Directors

Linda Moses – President

Linda undertakes her first term as President in a role that will utilize her experience in working with organizations in the midst of change. As Manager of Corporate Real Estate for NJ Bell and then as a Port Authority of NY & NJ Aviation Department Assistant Director, she devised and implemented new operating methods in transitional business environments. In the various roles, she has held in The Pap Corps, including most recently Vice-President (2014-2016), Linda looks forward to working with everyone as we build on our recent accomplishments and deliver on the vision of the changes that we undertook these past few years.


Beverly Berkowitz – Vice President

Beverly starts her first term as Executive Vice-President building on her success from her term as a Board member.  As a Board member, Beverly led the Business Development Committee and was a driving force to make The Pap Corps first year as a participant in the Dolphins Cancer Challenge a success. She is the co-founder of the Valencia Pointe Chapter and worked closely with the President and other officers to ensure the chapter’s fundraising event successes. She has many years of experience as a business administrator for a 100-year old Park Avenue law firm and as the Vice President of the Southeast Region for an international company.


Ruth Young – Treasurer

Ruth continues her first term on the board as Treasurer. As a retired CPA with 28 years of experience in managing and auditing, she brings her professional experience to the Pap Corps. In her positions at the Florida Public Service Commission, she was responsible for staff management, for auditing the records of small privately held companies, and for auditing large multi-million dollar public companies. She has been Treasurer of the Venetian Isles Chapter for the last four years, and looks forward to her continued rewarding and inspirational interactions with all the members of the Corps.


Stavroula Christodoulou, Ph.D. – Secretary

Dr. Christodoulou continues her role on the board in a position that documents the board’s meetings for future reference. As professor of anthropology, she has had decades of scholastic note-taking and served for many years as the recording secretary of the Education, Youth and Culture Committee of the church of Saint Demetrios in Ft. Lauderdale. Additionally, she has served as the recording secretary/facilitator of the Alumni Association of Greek Schools in Egypt.



Burt Weisberg

Burt comes from Chicago, Illinois where he received his B.S., B.A. and Masters Degree in Accounting. Burt is one of the founding partners of KGN CPA’s Financial and Management Consultants. After 30+ years Burt left public accounting and moved to Florida to help run a manufacturing company as COO. He has since retired and now has volunteered with The Pap Corps bringing with him valuable years of business experience. While serving his first term on the Pap board he also remains Treasurer of his Valencia Palms Chapter and is a strong believer in the adage of “paying it forward”.

Burt is married to his high school sweetheart Elaine and has two children and three grandchildren.

David Beckey

David is a life-long resident of South Florida, living in communities from Stuart to Miami. After graduating from college, he’s maintained diverse, rewarding professional roles. From regional leadership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, to Allstate Insurance agency ownership, to becoming the national sales director for a major optometry and ophthalmology operator, and spending the most recent 15 years in bank leadership and commercial lending. During these 15 years, David has had ongoing involvement with The Pap Corps, and looks to help to continue to add to the recognition and contributions that The Pap Corps is known for, fostering vital, new and ongoing research.


Doreen Heisler, Ph.D.


Dr. Heisler continues her first term on the board with strong experience developing strategies and using techniques designed to impact organizational and board effectiveness.  As an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and Research Consultant, she developed surveys, collected and analyzed survey data in organizations and planned interventions based on survey results.  Often these interventions involved training to improve productivity, employee and customer satisfaction. She brings these multiple talents to the board to help create a more innovative and efficient organization.



Lois Fleisher

Lois continues on the board with years of experience serving in officer positions at the Ponte Vecchio Chapter including that of Vice-President and President. She was actively involved in a fundraising chapter for the Deborah Heart Hospital. Her extensive volunteer experience and skills will serve The Pap Corps well as she oversees the body of the bylaws, ensures that rules and regulations are followed, and runs The Pap Corps meetings using Roberts Rules of Order.



Rayna Becker

Rayna has been elected to the board for a second term. Previously she served ten years combined as both President and VP of Fundraising for the Boca Pointe Chapter, as well as chairing The Pap Corps Marketing Committee for 18 months. With her background as a sales and marketing executive for a major transportation company, she is well positioned to apply her corporate experiences to enhance the brand awareness of The Pap Corps through both traditional and social media.



Susan Dinter

Susan comes to the Board with several years of experience on the Ponte Vecchio Chapter Board. Susan served her Chapter for over eight hours as Vice President of Fundraising, two years as Executive Vice President, two years as President and four years as Co-President. She brings to the Pap Corps 13 years of experience at UPS’ Technology Group as a Contracts Manager negotiating telecommunications, hardware and software contracts with other Fortune 500 companies. Prior to UPS, Susan worked over 17 years in the Defense Industry. She joined Pap in 2006 when she moved to Florida and believes strongly in what Pap stands for and is proud to be able to help Pap fulfill their mission of finding a cure for all cancers.