Sheila and Jay from the Valencia Shores Chapter

For 25 years, Sheila and Jay worked together as family physicians in Glenside, Pennsylvania while raising three wonderful children. Desiring a fun way to exercise after long office hours, and needing a social life after their children were grown, they began ballroom dancing twelve years ago. After retiring in 2015, they moved to Ventnor, New Jersey where they enjoyed entertaining their children, their spouses and nine grandchildren at the beach. Upon moving to Valencia Shores, they became active in the Pap Corps.
Supporting the Pap Corps is very important to the couple because in their practice they treated many patients who were diagnosed with cancer. They also have friends and family member whose lives have been altered by the disease. Dancing in this event, allows the couple to combine their love of dance with the important mission of funding cancer research. They wish all the dancers much fun and success in raising funds!