Roberta and Lucian from Valencia Reserve Chapter

Lucian and Roberta Kahan worked together in his periodontal office since its inception. About 20 years ago, they decided that they must have time to play together too! That’s when they started to ballroom dance.  They have been dancing at least once a week ever since! In fact, they even started a ballroom dancing class in their community.

In 2014, they moved to Valencia Reserve in Boynton Beach and heard about the Pap Corps and everything it did to support cancer research.  Since many of their family members were stricken with Cancer, they decided to join this amazing organization. When they heard about Footloose and Cancer Free, they decided to do what they love most in order to raise money to support cancer research. PLEASE vote for them!  Remember, every dance step they do and every vote they get brings us a step closer to finding a cure! VOTE VOTE and VOTE again!