Why You – Why Us – Why Now?

You can transform bold, innovative ideas into powerful tools to detect, prevent and more successfully treat cancer by supporting The Pap Corps in ways both large and small. When you give – you’ll know that each dollar brings hope to someone touched by cancer because your contribution is combined with the gifts of of tens of thousands of Pap Corps supporters, making an impact greater than any one individual donation.

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  • Because we are the largest all-volunteer organization in the United States dedicated solely to funding research for all types of cancer.
  • Because the organization’s Management and Administration expenses are minimal.
  • Because The Pap Corps has stayed true to its original mission for more than 60 years.
  • Because the money that’s raised here – stays right in our community.
  • Because you want to honor or memorialize someone affected by cancer.
  • Because someone you know benefited from a breakthrough cancer treatment.
  • Because you want to believe that cancer isn’t inevitable.
  • Because you were raised give to charity – it’s tradition in your family.
  • Because supporting The Pap Corps is popular in your community.
  • Because a good image is important to you.
  • Because you need a need a tax deduction.